TESOL Briefing

For TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) means teaching English to nonnative speakers, the culture differences have to be considered during the teaching process. The objects of English teaching can be divided into two groups: native English speakers, for whom English is their mother tongue (such as the Americans, the British, Canadians) and non-native English speakers (such as the South American, Chinese, French). TESOL teaching objects are the second group, because it is "Speakers of Other Languages", therefore TESOL teaching methods particularly take into account the learners' mother tongue and cultural background. We take teaching Chinese as an example, compare teaching a child growing up in China Chinese with teaching a child growing up in the United States Chinese would absolutely requires different methods. TESOL students are non-native English speakers, therefore TESOL teaching method must take into account the influence of the learners' mother tongue and cultural background in the teaching process. At the universities and research institutes in the United States, TESOL is one of the core courses. The goal of the course is to explore the methods and theories of English teaching and to improve the level of English teachers.